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Gentlemen Go for Beaver Fur Scarf

Posted by violeta 09/10/2018 0 Comment(s) Men's fur scarves and accessories,

A warm, quality fur scarf is the optimal choice for the autumn/winter season. This blog will briefly discuss scarves of beaver fur. During the cold winter, it’s not only ladies that care about their image... Winter is the time when we get a lot of requests and orders from our male customers. Scarves of beaver fur are among those gentlemen buy and love the most (along with scarves of mink fur, Rex Rabbit fur, and sable fur).

Beaver fur is short, very thick and warm. In addition, it lasts, won’t steep and, if maintained well, can serve you for years. The color of beaver fur is essentially the same through its entire length. Since the colors are soft, they make a perfect fit with the male taste. A scarf like that will form a good match with your coat, jacket, and other wardrobe. In our e-shop, you will find fur scarves of the Canadian beaver, both for male and female. The fur isn’t just warm, but very soft and shiny as well. The colors range from light brown, almost champagne to dark brown.


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